"I come from a proud family that has been involved in public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create a more vibrant community for future generations.  We also need competent leaders who look out for the best interest of the citizens of Luzerne County" -Matt Vough


What changes would I make to the Home Rule Charter, if any?

     The first thing I would suggest would be to lower the amount of council members. 7 council members seems like the perfect number to me. It is too hard to get anything done with 11 different opinions. One more problem I see with the charter is representation. Currently, there is no law in place that gives every district fair representation on council. It is possible to have all 11 members of council be from the same district and that does not give our whole county a fair, equal voice. I would suggest a change in the charter that gives every district the same chance at being represented at the county level.

How do we keep young people from leaving the area?

     This subject hits close to home for me. I was the only one of my friends after school to decide to stay in this area. This is a major problem that our county faces. Our area does not present the same opportunities that another area might, but that doesn’t mean we are not capable of getting there. As a county, we need to add more jobs to the area. I am a fan of the LERTA (Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance). This act provides tax exemptions for businesses to encourage new industrial, commercial, and business development. It leads to extra tax revenue and jobs for Luzerne County and the municipalities that the businesses enter. I also think that we need to bring back Trade Schools. Not every high school graduate wants to go to college, and we need to give them as much opportunity as someone who attends college. Trade Schools are a great alternative for a student that does not want to attend college, but still wants to advance a certain skillset. We will keep the young people in our area with jobs and a great quality of life